Best No Contract Internet Provider of 2020

best no contract internet provider

Choosing an internet service provider is already tough enough! When you try to find internet service providers who will offer you the best no contract internet plans the list gets shorter. Limited providers offer internet service without contract. If you are not planning to stay at one location for too long then you don’t need to bound yourself in contracts. Breaking the contracts early will only cause you to pay more money! We’ve compiled a list of internet provider without contract who offers pretty much the best internet service without contract.

Best Non Contract Internet Service

Even if you have lived at the same place for years, then you can opt for best no contract home internet plans. Either way, you’ll be saved from the huge fee that comes along with terminating your contract early! Have a look at the list of best no contract internet providers.

PlanPriceMax DownloadMax UploadData Cap
Optimum 200$44.99/mo200 MBPS35 MBPSUnlimited
RCN Gig internet$49.99 – $68.33/mo940 MBPS20 MBPSUnlimited
Mediacom Internet 60$39.99/mo60 MBPS5 MBPS400 GB
Suddenlink Internet Gig$84.99/mo1000 MBPS50 MBPSUnlimited
Spectrum Internet$44.99/mo100 MBPS10 MBPSUnlimited

While all these providers may seem promising at first but all of them have their certain downfalls. We have done our research on Internet provider without Contract. Let’s break these best no contract home internet plans and see what they really offer to the consumers.

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Optimum 200

If you want the best no contracts internet plans then Optimum is definitely one of the best providers. Optimum 200 offers a lot of flexibility to the users and a good enough download speed for the price you are paying. You also get a $44.99 price for life, with Optimum so that’s a plus. Optimum is the best no contract internet plans for gaming.

  • Contract Buyout up to $100
  • Affordable pricing that stays the same
  • Best speeds for online gaming

RCN Gig Internet

RCN has limited availability, but it provides the best non contract internet service, RCN is incredibly affordable for Gig Speed. If you have a huge internet appetite then the RCN Gig plan is ideal for you! RCN is one of the internet provider without contract. RCN offers services in multiple large cities and the plans often varies based on location, one thing that’s constant with the Gig Internet is that the plans are pocket friendly.

Based on Locations, the price for RCN no contract home internet plans range in between $49.99 – $69.99 per month. You can stream and download unlimited content with RCN. Just like Optimum RCN has a price lock guarantee but only for two years. After the period ends you may have to face a price hike.

  • Pocket-friendly Prices
  • 2 year Price lock guarantee
  • Smooth Online gaming

Mediacom Internet 60

Mediacom is the best no contract internet provider if saving money is your sole concern. Mediacom has limited availability but if you live in Midwest or Deep south then you’ll find Mediacom a lot. Mediacom can offer you the best internet service without contracts with fast enough speeds. These speeds come at a decent price but you’ll have to watch out for the data ceiling.

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Mediacom has data caps on all its plans even the Gig plans. There is no unlimited internet option with Mediacom. If you live alone or live with a small family then the Mediacom Internet 60 will be enough for you! You get the actual advertised internet speeds with reliable connectivity. There’s no guarantee of price lock so you will have to pay the extra charges too.

  • High-Speed internet
  • Best no contract internet plans
  • Small Data caps for some plans

Suddenlink Internet Gig

Suddenlink is a relatively small internet service provider. It offers what matters the most, high-speed internet and best internet service without contract! Suddenlink is only available in places where major internet service providers haven’t set their foot. So if you are wondering when any of the major internet service provider will reach you, it’s better to just go ahead with Suddenlink.

Suddenlink is the best non-contract internet provider. You can get incredible speeds at very affordable prices. The Gig plan is available at just $79.99/mo. Suddenlink has some additional fees and they aren’t much. Plus if you are choosing a 200 MBPS plan then you will be liable to pay the price hike after one year.

  • High-speed options in Rural areas
  • Price for Life Guarantee on 400 MBPS and 1 Gig plan
  • Additional charges may apply!

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum is the second-largest cable internet provider in the USA and it offers incredible speeds, zero data caps, and zero contracts. What more can you ask for in an internet provider? Spectrum definitely has the best internet service without contract. Spectrum is all good if you are just taking the internet into consideration. Spectrum has a ton of extra charges and below-average customer service.

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If you are a small household then Spectrum’s 100 MBPS plan would be perfect. You get unlimited data so you can stream, play, and download as much content as you want. In some areas, Spectrum has slower speeds than the advertised ones. What makes Spectrum the best no contract internet provider is that it has an incredible contract Buyout policy. If you wish to leave your provider but you are bound by contract then Spectrum offers you $500 to break the contract and join them as consumers.

  • Good price to Speed ratio 
  • Best no contract home internet plans
  • Poor Customer Service

Conclusion: Best Non-Contract Internet Service

There are a limited number of best no contract home internet plans and providers. If you are constantly on the move and you never stay at one place for too long then you should look out for best no contract internet providers. We have compiled our list based on speed, price, Availability, and consumer service. We hope the list helped you in some ways.

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