8 Ways You Can Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Problems

Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problems

All of us take the Internet for granted, we understand its value when it stops working perfectly. Many things can cause your slow internet. You don’t have to panic, you can easily troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problems. Most people don’t this but you don’t have to pay a technician, every time your internet connection act out.

Common Home Wi-Fi Problems

How many times have you paid someone to fix your internet for you? The fact is most of the time you could have done that yourself! You could have treated yourself with delicious food with all that saved money.

Slow Internet Connection in Selected Rooms

This is the most common problem that Wi-Fi users face. You may get brilliant networks in the living room but get horrible service in your bedroom. To fix that problem, you need to know that Wi-Fi is radio waves. Your router spreads these waves in all directions. You will see that changing the position of your router will fix your problem. Keep your router in a more centralized location, and you’ll start experiencing the same internet speed everywhere. If you are using over the air (OTA) antennas, then changing the direction of the antenna can provide you with better speeds.

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Slow Internet Speed Everywhere

When are facing a problem like a slow connection in your whole house, then plug the Ethernet cable directly in your laptop and check the internet speed. If that still doesn’t solve your Wi-Fi problem, then chances are that your internet service provider causes slow internet speed. If you are getting slow speeds on the Ethernet cord as well, then your router could take its last breath any time. Change your router and you’ll experience a difference in internet speed.

One Device Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

When you are using multiple devices on same internet connection, it’s common to experience this problem. There are a few ways you can solve this problem. Turn off the Wi-Fi and turn it on again. You can do the same thing with your Wi-Fi router. Or, erase all the previous internet connections from the device. Start afresh with the device. If that doesn’t solve your Wi-Fi problem then you should try resetting your router. Most of the routers come with a reset button, press that button for 30 seconds and it should reset to default settings.

Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi Altogether

If none of your devices are connecting with Wi-Fi, try rebooting your devices that usually solves the problem. Connect the Ethernet cord into your laptop to check if the Internet is working or not. If that doesn’t give you the solution you need, then reset your router. Here contacting your internet service provider will be a better option.

Connection Drop

Do you experience a constant connection drop? If yes, then you need to care about the cycle of a connection drop. Usually, the connection drop happens during a certain hour or in between a certain time window. If you are using an old school microwave, then the rays could affect your Wi-Fi connection. You can check if your router is on an overcrowded network channel. You can use NetSpot to figure out if you are on a crowded network. Changing to another network will most probably help out troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem.

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No Wi-Fi Signal At All

Whenever you face this problem, consider the possibility that your Wi-Fi router is about to die. You can upgrade to a new and better model which will help you attain better speed and will give you a smoother internet experience. You should use an Ethernet cable to check if you are getting any networks at all. If not, then complain to your ISP for your network condition.

Connected but No Internet Access

This may seem like an old trick but if you have connected all devices but still have no internet access, then reset your modem by unplugging and plugging it. If that doesn’t work, then do the same for your router. It will allow you to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problems.

Router Crashes Regularly

If you experience sudden network drops because of router crashes, then you can reset it by holding the “reset” button for 30 seconds. If the problem still prevails, then change your Wi-Fi router for a better model. Your old router can’t handle the internet speeds you are getting from your internet service provider. Changing your Wi-Fi router would give a better internet service experience.

Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Problems

We all face common Wi-Fi Internet problems, but do we have to pay for a technician every time? NO! You can just solve these common home Wi-Fi problems on your own. Follow these tips and tricks to get your Wi-Fi working normally! If you are tired of constant slow networks and problems with your Wi-Fi connection. Then it’s better to just switch to another internet provider. As an Internet services expert, we can help you in choosing an Internet service provider that suits your internet needs. Call on +1 (855) 352-5313 to get the internet plans you deserve. 

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