The Best and Fastest Web Browser 2020: Speed, Security, and Fun

top 5 fastest web browsers

The right type of web browser can elevate your way of using the internet. It can work according to your likes and dislikes, let’s say you don’t like advertisements and tracking, the right type of browser can solve that issue for you! It can block advertisements and cookies while you use the internet. If you play games on web browsers then you would want the best web browsers for gamers. There are a lot of browsers out there and almost all of them offer the same features but since last year we have seen some great inventions in the web browser markets. No matter what kind of internet user you are, there’s a perfect web browser out there for you! Chances are these perfect browsers in are top 5 browsers in the world. We have compiled a list of the top 5 fastest web browsers 2020.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is one of the top 5 browsers in the world. It is also one of the most popular web browser in USA. Firefox has almost everything that makes it a good browser. The latest version makes your security one of its top priorities. It will alert you when your email address has been used somewhere without your authorization. It also blocks the annoying pop-up ads and it also stops browser tracking.

The ease of use is unparalleled, and it offers users a long list of extensions and plugins, to make web surfing easier. Last year’s update put Mozilla Firefox back in the game, as it was getting old between the competition. The 2020 year is about to release soon and we can only wait for what it’ll bring for the users worldwide.

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Incredibly FlexibleBit slower than the competition (Chrome, Safari)
Great cross-platform syncing options

2. Microsoft Edge

All the old age internet users know Microsoft as the bad guy of the Browser tech world. It was Microsoft’s browser war that leads to the rise of new browsers like Firefox and more. Thankfully everything is alright with the Browser world and Microsoft has launched a new browser named “Microsoft Edge”.

The browser has the potential to become one of the most popular web browser in USA and the world. Microsoft Edge was built with Chromium as the heart of the new project. Now the Microsoft Edge is at the default browser of windows and it has some great features to show off. Microsoft Edge also has versions available for Android and Mac.

Microsoft’s edge is so much faster than the old Chromium browser. There are a lot of features that include Read aloud, ability to cast media on Chromecast supported devices, the opera-style home page, password manager, and ad blockers. The best feature of the new browser is that you can download single web pages and run them as Applications, without having to launch the whole browser if you want to visit the same page over and over again. These huge features lineup can make Microsoft edge one of the Fastest web browser 2020.

Significantly faster than ChromeWindows can be a little pushy about making it the default browser
Good enough privacy tools 
Can save sites as applications

3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the fastest Web browser 2020 and it is used worldwide every single day! It is also the best web browser for android as it comes as a default browser in all Android phones. Microsoft edge is the straight competitor of Google Chrome right now. All of us are familiar with Chrome and the interface, the new tab freezing feature is added to Chrome so that you can freeze tabs that you aren’t using to stop chrome from using resources.

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The latest browser, Chrome 79 is a brilliant browser in all fields, it’s super fast and it is smooth! You won’t run into any kind of trouble while using Google Chrome that’s for sure. But when it comes to privacy protection and additional features, Chrome is left in the dust by Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Smooth performanceCan hog resources
Very Expandable

4. Opera

Opera is definitely one of the best web browser for android. The main use of Opera is to collect content if you are interested in researching. Opera is another chromium-based browser so the performance is steady and you can use add ons from the library of chrome. One great feature that makes Opera one of the most popular web browser in USA is known as “Flow”. If you are constantly mailing links to yourself then flow makes it pretty easy to do so! You can share the links from the Opera on your Laptop to your opera browser on your phone!

Opera is packed with useful features, one of the best one is no longer available in the desktop browser. It is known as Opera Turbo and it compresses data in a way that images and websites load faster with less internet consumption.

Built-in ProxyNo more Opera Turbo
Good for Secured internet usage 
Clean, Simple UI

5. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is the least known browser, but in our opinion, it is one of the top 5 browser in the world. This Vivaldi web browser is developed by developers of the Opera browser, and just like the Opera browser, it has a lot of unique features. With Vivaldi, you can customize anything you want in your browser, you can change anything ranging from the UI and how the navigation works.

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This browser is also based on Chromium and that means you can get almost all the Chrome-based extensions and add-ons. You can pin sites to any side of the browser you want, you can change the font size and design, the color of the webpages. Basically, anything you can imagine to customize, you can change it as per your preference.

Completely CustomizableBad for those who don’t like putting effort
Creative UI features 
Supports Chrome Add-ons

Final Take: Top 5 Browser In The World

So that concludes our list of the best and top 5 Fastest web browsers 2020. Chances are you are already familiar with a few of those browsers. One browser completely stands out of all of them. If you like to manage things your own way, Vivaldi is your best choice. If you want a Normal browser that is the best web browser for android and desktop alike, then you should choose Chrome.

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