The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe With Parental Controls

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The online world is a magical world but it is full of online predators that keep lurking everywhere to trap kids into their doing something they aren’t supposed to! As a parent, it has to be one of the biggest worries to keep your child safe online. Cyber safety for kids is a very important task and has to be done with precision and efficiency. Keeping your Kids safe online With parental controls may seem like a difficult job but it is a price you have to pay for online safety for kids.

Why Use Parental Controls?

The word “parental controls” may sound cringe or may show you the image of clingy parents who always keep a check on their child all the time. Lemme break your bubble, lack of freedom and personal space doesn’t count as parental controls. To keep your kids safe online parental controls are absolutely necessary.

If you are a frequent social media user then you know that tons of activities available online you wouldn’t want your kids to indulge into. There are various types of Parental controls. Here is a list of things you can do with parental controls:

  • Choose the Type of Content: You can block certain sites, apps, and software. You can put filter content filter on the content you don’t wish your kids to see. Pare can block things like pop-up ads, suspicious third-party websites, Chat rooms and social media. You can do this on a location wide basis or a particular internet connection.
  • Put Restriction on Sharing: You can put a stopper at what your children are sharing by simply taking away the share button from their screens. Online safety for kids allows parents to take away the share button with few changes in parental controls.
  • Set Some Ground Rules: It’s fine for kids to use the internet, after all, it helps in their growth but you also need to set some limits. Like the time limit, you can ask your kid if you want about the preferable time of the day! Things get weirder when your kids spend hours, surfing online on the web. Parental controls allow you to manage the time your kid spends online!
  • Turn on Safe Search: Most of the browsers don’t have a filter until you turn one on personally! This is very easy to do and will keep your kids safe online as the browsers won’t show any results that are not suitable for your children.
  • Block Pop-Up Ads: Ever since the birth of the Internet, Pop-Up Ads have been there to trick you into buying something you don’t need or visit a site that you don’t wish to visit. Clicking Pop-Up ads can cause your personal information to be stolen. So it’s better to block Pop-Up Ads instead of having a kid click on it unintentionally!
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Now you know what you can do with Parental Controls and using them in the right way can easily help you keep your kids safe online. The only thing they can’t protect your kids from is cyberbullying. Cyber Bullying happens on the platforms we expect it least.

But none of the parental controls matter much until you have a heart to heart conversation with your kid about the threats lurking behind the screens of smartphones and desktops.

How Parental Control Increase Cyber Security for Kids

You don’t have to keep on standing right behind your kids in order to know what they are doing while they are online. With the right application of parental controls, you can keep your kids safe online even though you are not around. If you don’t how Parental Controls can help you keep your kids safe online then you should read below:

  • Limit your kid’s access to keep them away from risky content

You kids won’t know the difference between good or bad content until you sit down and teach them about it. Once your kids understand why he/she should stay away from this type of content you won’t really need parental controls. Well until then, you can set some limits and restrictions so that your kid won’t wander off in some corner of the internet that is too unhealthy for their young minds. Let’s assume that your kid takes part in some discussion in the comment section of an article. And some random person shares the link to a chat room to take the discussion further. But your kid can’t access it because you’ve disabled all the chat rooms permanently.

  • Make your kids understand the importance of Controls
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Your child may get frustrated about additional parental controls. So you need to have a conversation where you tech him the need for having parental controls. Once your kids understand the importance of parental controls, he/she automatically will refrain from activities that can hamper their security in any way.  

  • Easily Maintain Parental Controls for Everyone’s Safety

Machines are machines and they can make mistakes sometimes. Your kids may need to access a site in order to complete a school project or to gather some information for extra credits. You can access the control panel and remove the restriction to that particular site so that your child can access it.

  • Keep an eye on what they share

Kids are kids and they really don’t understand what they should share with the outside world. The best thing you can do is to be friends with them and follow them on all social media platforms. That way you can know if your kids are sharing something they shouldn’t, like their location or phone number with complete strangers. Or you can take away the share button from the complete. That way your kids can’t share confidential information until they are well aware of what is right and what is wrong!


We hope that you won’t feel overwhelmed by your task of keeping kids safe online and do everything you are supposed to do in order to keep your kids safe from online predators. If you need help with setting up parental controls in all the devices at home then you should read!

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