How to Protect from Cyberbullying: Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Online

how to protect my child online

As a parent you always will be worried about what the kids are doing online and if they are in any kind of danger. There is a constant struggle to find ways to keep your child safe online. With the growth of internet, you can not keep your kids off the internet. The Internet is jammed packed with predators who will try to harm your kids in one way or another. It is important that you teach your kids how to protect from Cyberbullying.

If you are looking for it, there are a lot of tips for online safety and security. You can learn all the ways to keep your child safe online. It’s really important that you fix up some ground rules for you children who use the internet.

More and more kids come online every day and they can easily be tricked by predators who are behind their screens and try to harm children. Every single day kids play more video games, as they are interesting and allow them to interact with new people, but it also opens them up to Cyberbullying. In this article, you will learn how to protect from Cyberbullying.

Dangers that Your Kids Might Face

Every day millions of kids access internet for one thing or another and it is completely impossible for you to keep your kids away from internet. The web is a great place for kids who are looking to learn something new everyday. Apart from knowledge, internet also has a lot of threats lurking in the shadows. Below are some information about the major threats kids face while they are accessing the web.

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Internet safety for kids is a tricky concept. When most people think of online threats, they don’t think about Cyberbullying. According to multiple sources, 34% of all the kids online have been cyberbullied and 17% of kids have been bullied in just the past 30 days.

Cyberbullying takes place over social media channels and it can have long-lasting effects on your child’s mental health. Basically Cyberbullying reduces a kid’s efficiency to perform well in school and in other activities. That means it is highly important to learn about child safety cybercrime.

Sexual Predators

Sexual predators are everywhere, and with the rise of the internet, you don’t know who’s behind the screen on the other side talking to your kids. The tips for keeping your child safe online include knowing who your kid is talking to and if they are safe or not. A study on internet initiated sexual abuse indicated that most cases occur with children and as children that can be very scary!

This doesn’t mean that you will stop your children from going online, your kids are potentially safe if you follow the tips for keeping your child safe online.

Identity Theft

Most parents don’t worry about their kids falling prey to Identity theft as kids don’t carry debit cards and they don’t have bank accounts. Kids do have social security numbers and because the kids are not contributing to the economy so predators try to target kids more than adults. As most kids don’t understand the difference between good or bad, you have to learn how to protect my child online.

Tips For Internet Safety For Students

As you may have already learned that the internet has a lot of threats for kids. The only sure way to keep your kids absolutely safe is by keeping them away from the internet. Now that isn’t possible so you have to follow the tips for keeping your child safe online.

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Your kids shouldn’t be denied access to the internet as they’ll learn how to protect themselves over time. Eventually, your kids will grow up and understand the meaning between what’s good for them and what can put them in harm. So here are some basic tips on how to protect my child online.

Be More Involved

The fact is that most kids don’t tell their parents about what they are doing online. As a matter of fact, only 25% of kids tell their parents if they have met someone online, the percentage drops even further when kids have met someone who’s an adult.

As a parent all you can do is be more involved, in what your kid is doing online. We are not asking you to be a helicopter parent but encourage your kids to talk to parents whenever they meet someone new and find out where they are going and who they are meeting. Knowing what your kid is up to is one of the ways to keep your child safe online.

Talk to Your Kids

This is the most important step if you wish to learn how to protect my kids online. If your kids will talk to you about everything they do online then you can teach them how to protect themselves better. It’s the same conversation when you taught them about talking to strangers, however this time you have to teach your kids how to deal with strangers over the internet.

Talking to your kids will make you understand why you are worried about them. Once your kids understand why you are worried about them, they’ll be more open while talking to your about everything.

Stay Informed

All the kids are on social media and they are constantly evolving channels. New applications pop up every single day and they suddenly become famous but you can’t keep an eye on your children on every platform. There are multiple applications that allow your kids to store private files away from prying eyes. So even if you would search the phones you wouldn’t find anything at all. If you find your kids using any such applications then we suggest you have a conversation about it, there are apps that instantly delete messages as soon as your kids send them.

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Tips for online safety and security make sure that you be informed about the latest trends and the applications your kids are using on their phones.

Limit the Screen Time

One best way of Internet Safety For Kids is by putting a limit on screen time and how much social media they are using. If your kids have a smartphone then imposing a screen time limit will be difficult. You can tell your kids to leave your phone on the table before going into their room to sleep. No TVs in the kid’s room will be a great option as well.

Keeping all the devices in your common areas will make it much easier for you to keep tabs on what your kids are doing online. Don’t feel bad about spying on your kids, you are just trying to keep them safe as long as they can understand better for themselves.

Good Internet Service Provider

Most internet service providers offer you internet connectivity with parental controls. So if you wish to keep your kids off the internet the sites that could harm your kids. You just have to talk to your internet service provider regarding the sites you want to be blocked from your ISP’s end. That’s one of the best ways to keep your child safe online.

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