The Hidden Cost of Cox Cable: How Much Should You Actually Pay?

Hidden cost of Cox Cable TV services

Cable TV is all fun and good until the bill arrives and you have no choice other than to pay hundreds of dollars. Being able to watch TV shows, movies, and sports at your home is brilliant but when you get a Cable TV connection, you are oblivious of the hidden costs that come along with it.

When you get a brand new Cable TV connection, the service providers offer you a promotional price. Once the promotional period ends, you have to pay the original price of the plan. TBH these prices are way more than any of us could expect. Recently, Cox consumers have been talking about getting absurd bills for their cable TV connection. The reason could be hidden costs, here are the hidden costs of Cox Cable TV:

Cox Cable Hidden Fees: Breakdown

If you are associated with Cox, then be ready to face a lot of additional charges included in your bills. From Government taxes to monthly rentals. They could charge you with anything. And if they lock you under a “Service Agreement” then you can’t even switch Cable TV service providers. If you try to do so, you’ll be hit with a huge cancellation fee. Here are a few of the most common hidden cost of Cox cable TV and what they may mean:

  • Broadcast Surcharge: Broadcast Surcharge is a monthly hidden cost for providing local broadcast stations. This charge includes the cost from broadcast stations to carry their channels to local cable stations.
  • Regional Sports Channel Surcharge: A monthly hidden charge of Cox cable which includes the fee for providing local sports channels. The amount varies based on your location and no of channels you get.
  • Installation Fees: It is a one time cost that all consumers have to bear. Most providers waive off the fee as a part of a promotional offer. But if you are to pay the amount, then it is solely based on the type of plan you have.
  • Equipment Cost: These are monthly fees. A consumer is supposed to pay the monthly rental for the equipment provided by a cable service provider.
  • HD Receiver Fees: If you have HD channels included in your Cable TV service, then you must bear the cost of an HD channel tuner in order to enjoy the service.
  • Cox Cable TV Activation Charge: A one time charge that all consumers are liable to pay. To activate your services you have to pay a certain amount to your local cable TV service provider.
  • State & Local Taxes: Taxes imposed by local or state regulatory units. All consumers are liable to pay such taxes.
  • Cable TV Franchise Cost: This hidden cost of cox is most absurd. As a consumer you are supposed to pay fees to your service provider for using the streets, government facilities to provide Cable TV services to your home.
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Additional Hidden Cost of Cox Cable TV

That’s not all. You are supposed to pay a lot more additional fees if you are a Cox consumer. Usually, most people switch after the promotional period ends, but if you wish to switch between your service agreement, then you may have to pay up to $500/mo.

If you go over the last date to pay your bill, then you’ll be hit with a “Late Payment Fees”, the amount is not fixed, it varies based on locations. There’s also an additional Hidden Cost Of Cox Cable that most people don’t know about. “Cox Complete Care” is monthly fees you’ll have to pay for technical support for internet, Cable or Voice services. This fee is optional, so it is completely up to you whether you wish to pay. 

Stay with the Hidden Fees

Don’t let these Hidden fees scare you away. All the providers have such fees, and these fees come along with the best packages. If you are on a basic or standard package, then you may have to pay low or maybe no hidden costs at all. Still, if you are fed up with your provider and looking to switch to a new cable TV Service provider, then we can assist you in finding the best providers and plans in your area.

Choose a service provider that cares for your entertainment.

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