Pandora Music Streaming Service: All You Need to Know

For all those whose lives revolve around music. Pandora is a fair enough choice as a music streaming service. The music streaming service is not a brand new service. In fact, in a few days, it will complete a year. And Pandora is priced fairly and also offers lengthy free trials. So that users can use it and decide whether they want it? Pandora offers nothing special in terms of music. It still might be on par with Spotify and Apple Music. On a second note, it might be even better than Apple music.

Pandora Music Streaming Service: What it offers?

The premium plan for Pandora starts from $9.99/mo. Same as other music streaming services. It shares the same features as Spotify or any other service. Plus the music quality isn’t that great like Amazon music but it’s fair enough. You can download and save songs for offline listening. The lowest plan starts from $4.99/mo, which I believe is fairly cheap.

Pandora Vs. Other Music Streaming Services

There isn’t much that distinguishes Pandora from other music streaming services. All the services offer sames features, prices that almost match. So which one you should choose?

 PandoraSpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music
Annual price$54.89- 109.89N/A$99.99$79-129.99 
Free Trial60 days3 months3 months30 days
Number of TracksUnknown50 Million60 Million50 Million
Audio QualityStandardStandardStandardHD Audio
Offline DownloadAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Free VersionAvailableAvailableUnavailableAvailable

Online Radio on Pandora

The only thing that makes Pandora different from other music streaming services. The app let’s you make your very own radio channel online. Radio stations can be based on a particular artist, genres, or song. Pandora also provides you with an infinite list of tracks for the radio channel. You’ll get the ad time of 15-30 seconds per hour. The ad time can vary on type of radio channel and device you are using. You can skip the ad 10 times in a day if you are using the free version. Once you exhaust the limit, you must sit through the ad. Online radio is how Pandora made its name in the fist place.

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Student Discount on Pandora

If you are a student studying in tier IV or above college in USA then Pandora offers you a special discount. You can get Pandora Premium @ $4.99/mo instead of $9.99/mo. That’s the same discount offered by Amazon Music or Spotify or Apple Music.

Final Take On Pandora Music

If you are already using a free Pandora account, then we don’t see the need for signing up for a Premium account. It has fewer songs, low definition audio quality and not too great UX. When compared to other streaming services, Pandora has a sub optimal user experience. The only thing it has over other music streaming platforms is the radio stations and it’s fair enough. The streaming service also has the lowest royalty charges for artists. The only benefit is that Pandora Music Streaming Service uses much, much less mobile data than other services. However, it still takes a toll on the mobile data! If you are looking to switch to a high end internet connection, then you can visit There you can get great offers and discounts on best plans from top providers from all around the USA.
Enjoy Streaming!!

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