Why Netflix Might Lose the Upcoming Streaming Brawl?


Yes, Netflix has been the first love for most of the TV streaming audience! We logged in once and ever since its been hard t come back! Let’s be honest, most of us spend our night binge watching media on Netflix.

Netflix gave the world to us in terms of media content. When Netflix launched in 2007 that was the end of Blockbuster videos.

What is Netflix Streaming War?

Netflix has had a complete dominance over online streaming world for a good 10 years now! Although the increase in competition gave birth to streaming war. Netflix has had a upper hand always but consumers have a habit of switching when they get something bigger and better at the same price or less. Let’s be honest if tomorrow  Netflix dropped their prices down to $7 dollars instead of the usual $15, Most of the other streaming services user would switch to Netflix! That’s what streaming war is, few of the major competitors fighting for the maximum viewership.

Why Netflix might lose?

Even faster being the oldest streaming service provider Netflix might lose, and why’s  that? The only reason Netflix is so famous is because of its wide range of content. But  now? Almost all of the shows and movies are being pulled from Netflix and going back home to their owning production houses! Most  watched shows like The office, Friends and many more are available on other major streaming services so, Netflix may want to buckle up for this bumpy ride.

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Who are The Major Competitors?

The biggest competitors in Netflix Streaming war are: Amazon Prime, Apple TV+,  and HBO Max. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime membership comes loaded with a one day delivery option. Based on the fact how much amazon shopping is used, tons of people would want to choose amazon prime over Netflix. Also, it has a great collection of shows.

Apple TV+

The newest streaming service has arrived in the market with a bold statement. Apple TV+ is giving free year long subscription. A great way to attract more customers. The streaming service has many additional features like cloud based storage and virtual education.


Being a premium name in the world of TV, HBO has to bring something great in the race! You can say that HBO Max is a hidden ace. It has a great variety of shows and probably the greatest sitcom of all time. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is leaving Netflix and going back home to HBO Max. That must have tempted you to switch right?

How Streaming Wars Will Conclude?

Netflix Streaming war is happening and will stay for a long long time! All we can do is wait and watch. One thing’s for certain, too many streaming services will do no company good! The consumers are sure to run in different directions! Although there’s one thing that’s certain, that you’ll need a pretty good internet connection to stream content on any of these services. If you need help in picking out a perfect internet plan for yourself then you can either read the blog! Or you can visit Club HDTV and find out the Best Internet Plan for your streaming needs.

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