When is Dark Season 3 Netflix Set To Release? Cast, Plot and Much More

netflix dark season 3

Netflix’s Mind-bending series, Dark is coming to an end with it’s third and last season. The third season is supposed to end Sci-Fi for good and the speculations for the third season are blowing everyone’s mind. The series has got millions of fans hooked worldwide ever since 2017. The show was first compared to Stranger Things but soon the show made its own identity. Dark Season 3 Is made in German language but that didn’t stop the fans from loving it.

Dark season 3 Trailer just dropped recently and it answers a lot of questions that fans have been asking for a long long time.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

Considering the previous seasons, and the pattern of release, fans already predicted that the Netflix Dark Season 3 would be launched on 27th June 2020. Surprisingly enough, the fans were right!

Dark is all set to premiere on 27th June 2020, the date is significant for the fans of the show, as the date marks the beginning of “the last cycle” in the world of the show.

Season Two hit the screens on 21st June 2019, which marks the date of Micheal’s suicide which eventually kick-started the events of High concept series. This pattern of release clearly showed that Season 3 will be released on the date of something significant in the show.

Is There a Dark Season 3 Trailer?

Netflix dropped a trailer for the Netflix Dark season 3 and then they surprised fans with another extended trailer of Dark Season 3. The longer extended trailer gives a genuine peek at what the final installment of the show. 

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You can go to Netflix’s official channel on YouTube to watch both thee trailers if you can’t contain your happiness.

Dark Season 3 Review

The show is perfect in all its sense, and it is full of Mic-drop moments and the season two finale dropped the whole Sound studio as the Alternate World Martha stands over the original Martha’s Dead body, while original Jonas standing Baffled between them.

So far the show has been set in the 1920s, ‘50s, ‘80s, and the present day, but as mentioned by the Alternate world Martha stated “Not what time, but what world?”

It is one of the moments of the show that takes it to whole another level. Just when the fans thought they understand the show, the alternate plot was introduced and that changes almost everything. As for season 3, you can expect alternate Martha and Alternate Jonas are suspected to be the key conspirators.

Dark Season 3 Cast

The cast of Dark is as impressive as the show itself. Multiple timelines entangled in each other requires multiple actors to play the same character at several periods. Just because your favorite character has died in the current timeline, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see them in any other timeline.

Alternate Martha’s final revelation could spark even more chaos in the show if she genuinely is from a parallel universe, it would open the concept to another set of characters at the same age. Imagine what would become of the show then.

So far Louis Hofmann (Young Jonas), Jordis Tiebel (Katharina), Lisa Vicari (Young Martha), Mark Waschke (Adult Noah), Andreas Piestchmann (Adult Jonas) and Lea Van Acken (Future Silja – Elisabeth’s Soldier in the future) have all been confirmed to play a part in season 3.

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Although our and speculation of millions of fans think that the whole cast will come back for one final showdown. Even characters that are deceased might show up if the alternate timeline becomes the truth.

Is Netflix Dark Season 3 the Last Season?

Unfortunately, Netflix Dark Season 3 will be the grand finale of the spectacular show. The co-creator of the show “Baran Bo Odar” stated on his Instagram page that the show will come to an end with season 3. We can’t see how the show will end, but we are sure the end will not be gentle at all.

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