Do I Need Separate Antenna For All My TVs?


A lot of us love free stuff and when it comes to TV there’s nothing better than free channels. All the TV lovers know that they can get free local and broadcast channels at their homes with an Outdoor or Indoor Antenna. People often wonder about the possibility of getting free channels across multiple TV around the house. Today I’m disclosing all the ways you can get an Antenna signal in all the TVs in your home.

An Antenna Per TV

The most simple thing to do is to purchase a separate Indoor Antenna for every single TV in your house! The only problem with this method is geography. Some of the TVs may be in the opposite direction of the satellite. Or you may have a TV in the basement where reception is exceptionally bad. The better way is to get one antenna and try it with every Television.

One Antenna for Every TV

If you’ve ever had a cable or satellite TV then chances are that you’ll have wiring all throughout your home! If by chance you know where the wiring connects and disconnects, then you can attach wiring to your home TV and enjoy free broadcast channels in great quality provided straight from your providers. You will need special tools to connect and disconnect the cables and you’ll be violating cable company rules but if you are up to take the risk then, Free TV for life!

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Go Wireless- One Indoor Antenna With Tablo

Many of you may already know about “Tablo”, Its a home DVR box. Unlike any other DVR box, you can watch recorded shows and movies to any TV present in your home! Plug your Indoor Antenna to Tablo and it will disperse the signal to all the TV in your home! The best part is that Tablo TV offers recording feature so if you want to attach a external hard drive to it you can!

Amazon Fire TV Recast

This method is almost same too the previous one. You can use a Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR. The process is identical, You plug in your antenna into the DVR and watch anything on every TV in your home. The only difference is that you’ll need an amazon fire TV stick on all the TVs you want to watch the recorded content on!

Final Advice

Whatever solution you choose is up to your choice and situations. The simplest option is to get a Indoor Antenna for every TV in your house! If you want recording ability You can go with DVR box + Indoor Antenna for your Satellite TV. Or if you still want to go  with a cable TV connection then you can visit Club HDTV and find whatever plan that suits you!

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  1. That’s good to know that having an antenna for every TV would be the most simple way to do it. I feel like that would look a bit more cluttered though. I should look into getting someone to help me set up a single one for the whole.

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