Is Satellite Internet Connection Suitable For Me?

Is Satellite Internet Suitable For Me

Technology has come a long way in recent years. Now, everyone has easy access to internet. Even those who live in rural parts of the country! Most of the houses in rural areas don’t have the infrastructure necessary for Cable or DSL internet. Even if they do, there are no good internet service provider available. That’s where satellite internet connection comes in. As the name suggests, internet is delivered to homes through a satellite dish. The only connection that can help you get internet access in remote areas of the country is Satellite Internet. Read below and find out for yourself if satellite internet is good enough for you.

Who Can Choose a Satellite Internet Connection?

Well there are few regulations revolving around the installation of a satellite dish for internet connection. According to federal communications commission (FCC); satellites are not a very good looking piece of technology. The only rule you have to follow while opting for a satellite internet connection, is that you have to set up the dish in your own space. Like balconies and roofs.That’s not much of a problem is it?

Benefits of Satellite Internet

For an internet connection that’s only a last resort, satellite internet offers a lot of advantages.

Easy to Access: Satellite internet connections have wide availability due to the fact that connection is made through a satellite hanging in space. The satellite is stationary, it stays in one spot all year long. The connection travels through satellite onto your dish. Which makes satellite internet easy to access at any part of the world.

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Faster than DSL & Dial-Up Connections: Satellite internet is a good substitute for DSL & Dial – Up connection. Dial up connections made their reputation by being frustratingly slow! DSL connection is fast but the speed in DSL internet connection solely depends on your distance from your internet service provider. If you live far away from your provider than your internet speed will be horrible. Whereas in Satellite Internet Connection you can get a firm speed of 12-30 Mbps .

Easy to Install: Best satellite internet connection providers like HughesNet, Viasat & Exede, usually hand out free installation. To install your satellite dish, a technician would have to come to your home. They will bring all the necessary tools so that you don’t have to go through any hassle at all.

Drawbacks of Satellite Internet Connection

Just like every thing in this world, satellite internet also have some drawbacks.

Latency: Latency refers to the time taken by the signal to travel from your device to the connection hub. Now that you are using Satellite internet, it means you signal will travel all the way to space and come back to you! The round trip costs half second. It doesn’t seem much when you are casually browsing, but if you are trying to play an interactive online game. Then that half second can cause you your game!

Data Limits: The one word that scares all internet users is data limit. You have to face data limits with every satellite internet because a satellite can send out limited data in its lifetime. All the satellite internet service providers set a limit on how much data you can use in a month. The good thing is they already give your enough data that can take your through the month easily. So No worries there.

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What Satellite Internet Service Provider to choose?

After reading all this you must be wondering which internet service provider to choose? Well, let me tell you that there are not many options available for satellite internet. There are merely a handful of Satellite internet service providers all throughout the USA. Still if you are looking to search and compare all of them. Then you should definitely visit Club HDTV. There you can search and compare all the Internet Service Providers based on your locations. You can also talk to experts for every minute detail. Keep surfing!

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