Internet Speed Throttling: What It Is And How To Prevent It?

Internet Speed Throttling

The best way you can determine whether your internet speed is being throttled or not is by running a speed test. Although it is not uncommon for internet service providers to leave out speed tests in their while throttling your internet speed. The hack is to test your internet speed and then retest it with a VPN. If you a significant rise in the internet speed, then your internet service provider is throttling your internet speed. Now that your internet speed being throttled, you must have the question on your mind, “How do I prevent throttling?”

Well, you are in the right place because here you’ll learn everything there is to know about Internet speed throttling and how to prevent it.

What Is Internet Speed Throttling?

Internet throttling is when your ISP intentionally limits your Internet speed or bandwidth. The reason could be anything. Internet service providers usually do internet speed throttling to save internet data. Speed throttling results in a brain scratching slow connection.

Internet service providers have a lot of reasons for throttling your internet speed.

  • Network Congestion
  • Data Caps
  • Paid Prioritization
  • Illegal online activities

Network Congestion

During the peak hours of internet usage. Internet service providers intentionally throttle internet speeds. The simple reason behind doing so is so that all internet users have some internet connectivity instead of no connectivity at all. This happens during the time period of in-between 7:00 P. M to 11:00 P. M.

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Data Caps

If you experience sloth-like internet speed toward the end of the month, then it is safe to assume that your internet service provider is throttling your internet speed because you have hit your data cap. Most ISPs have data caps with every plan. There are very few broadband service providers who offer you truly unlimited data. If you experience slow internet speed with them, then you can rest assured that it’s not because of the data cap.

Every small activity you do online consumes data. Make sure you don’t consume all your data at the start of the month. ISP who has data limits gives you the option of keeping a track of your monthly data consumption. If your Internet has data caps, then the service agreement would mention what would happen if you go over the set internet limit.

Paid Prioritization

If you are facing constant slow speeds while using streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. ISP slow down your speed so you may stop using other services and may opt for their proprietary services. It’s a cruel move, but that’s how it is. There are also chances that ISPs may Internet speed throttle for services that consume a lot of data.

Illegal Online Activities

There are a lot of activities that the government of countries doesn’t allow. So, it’s clear that your internet service provider will not allow these sites or services.

How do I Bypass Internet Throttling?

Using a VPN is your best bet. VPN creates a virtual private network that can hide your IP, which in turn hides you from your internet service provider. If your service provider can’t see you, they can’t throttle your speeds. This trick works with either satellite internet service, Cable and Fiber connection. The thing is, you need to know that you are using the right VPN. VPN adds an extra step between you and your data so sometimes it can cause speed and latency issues.

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A VPN service, however, won’t help you with Data Caps. So what to do if your internet speed throttling is because of your data cap. You can do four things to save yourself from data overage internet speed throttling.

  • Reduce your monthly data usage
  • Pay more for higher data limit
  • Switch to a provider with no data limits
  • Pay more for additional data when you run out of it.
Other Reasons For Slow Internet

If you are experiencing slow internet speed, not every time your internet service provider is throttling your speed. It could be something as simple as having low bandwidth or just a horrible internet service provider. If you are tired of slow internet speed, then you are better off switching to another internet solution provider.

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