Internet Security Basics: How to Keep Your Internet Safe?

how to keep internet safe

The issue of internet security is a matter not to be taken lightly, thousands of people around the world suffer a lot due to improper internet security. Your internet needs to be secured no matter what, after all, we all want to feel safe at home! No one would want to be spied on at their own homes. There are tons of hackers waiting for you to click on one link to gain access to your internet and most probable your devices connected to the internet. You must be aware of email spammers, send millions of mails worldwide daily and just one click and open can affect your life in an unpleasant way. You must be wondering, what can you do to keep your internet safe and secure? 

Tips On Keeping Your Internet Secure:

  • Secure your Internet
  • Secure Your devices
  • Smart browsing

These tips may not seem like much they will keep you and your internet secure for as long as you can think. If you want to save yourself from, Identity Theft, Credit card scams and annoying computer virus then pay attention. These tips may help you save a lot of time and money!

Secure Your Internet:

Well this seems like a complicated solution right? Well it really isn’t all you need to do is secure your internet with passwords, encryption and remove any file or stop visiting any sites that are not secured and are declared unsafe by Google! If your internet isn’t secured then nothing is!

  1. Change Passwords: The best way you can secure yourself is by changing your passwords at a regular interval. Simply changing your Wi-Fi password won’t do the trick. You’ll have to change your router’s password as well! Make sure both the passwords are unique and different. That seems like a hassle but its still worth the effort!
  2. Get an Ad-Blocker: You must get a lot of ads while visiting a web page or downloading your favorite movie from a site that for sure is illegal. These ads that may seem harmless can and will redirect you to some sites that contain virus and malwares strong enough to harm your device to a great extent. Instead of being a prey to these annoying ads you can get an ad blocker software that will stop these ads from popping up from every corner.
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Secure Your devices: The second step in securing yourself from hackers is to secure all the devices that are connected to the internet. Your Smartphone, Desktop & Laptops need to be secured and password protected. You can also use a VPN service or an Anti- Virus software to save yourself from malicious malwares. If you can’t afford to buy an anti-virus software then there are free tools available online to use. Although there’s no surety how well they perform but most of the time they work just fine.

  1. Two Factor Authentication: Use two factor authentication, so that even if someone gains access of your device through a network they won’t be able to go forward from the first step of security.
  2. Notifications & Alerts: You can set up your phone for alerts if there is some suspicious activity on it! Many smartphones offer a feature where they click the photo of the person who’s trying to break in to your phone without your permission! Though that option maybe useless but an option is option nonetheless.

Smart Browsing: What do you think is smart browsing, just surfing the internet on incognito mode won’t do! You need to have a keen eye while surfing the high-speed internet as there are tons of people who are just looking for a chance to grab your details. You’ll find a lot of fake websites and fake notifications online trying to trick you in giving your bank details. According to a survey, 60% of scams in last year happened because of providing sensitive information on a fake or spoof website! Keep your eye out for any suspicious signs and you are good to go!

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