How to Fix a Laptop That Won’t Connect To WiFi

wifi is not connecting to laptop

Almost all of us have access to laptops at home and we use the device to work at home or to stream online movies or play online games. Now imaging your WiFi is not connecting to laptop, how would you work or do any activity that requires internet connection. The first thing you can try is to troubleshoot your laptop, most of the times it works, if it doesn’t then you have to follow this guide till the end to learn how to fix a laptop that won’t connect to WiFi connection.

We have broken this article into multiple sections so that you can understand why your WiFi is not connecting to laptop and the steps you can take on how to solve internet connection problem in laptop!

Step 1: Troubleshooting Internet Connection Issues Laptop

Sometimes the problem is minor and you can solve it with ease by conducting some basic troubleshooting from your end.

1. Make Sure the WiFi is Turned on

Most laptops come pre-equipped with a WiFi button, so the reason the WiFi is not connecting to Laptop can be because the WiFi is turned off! Or you may have turned it off by mistake! Check the WiFi button on your laptop and turn it on if it isn’t on already! This is the very first step in how to fix laptop WiFi connection problem. 

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2. Check if Your WiFi Icon is Visible

If the WiFi icon is not visible on your laptop then it is obvious that you will face internet connection issues laptop. You have to make the icon visible to learn how to solve internet connection problem in laptop. Follow the steps listed below to make the WiFi icon visible. 

  • Click on the “Show Hidden Icons” on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen
  • Go to Customize
  • Search for your internet connection
  • Change the behavior from Hidden Icon & Notification to Show Icon and Notification
  • Click Ok/Apply

Step 2: WiFi Is Not Connecting To Laptop

There could be so many reasons why your laptop isn’t connecting to your WiFi signal. The trouble could be because of hardware or software alike! Here are other ways you can learn how to troubleshoot Laptop without WiFi Connection.

3. Check if You Have an Ethernet Icon

If you already have a WiFi connection but still not able to connect to your WiFi Connection then the problem is most probably with your internet or internet service provider.

If you have an Ethernet connection instead of a WiFi connection then chances are there may be some problems with your Network connection Card.

4. Can’t Connect to Home Network

If you can connect to all types of networks and can’t connect to your home network, then the trouble is probably with your home network. Here’s how to fix a laptop that won’t connect to WiFi network.

  • Unplug every cord connected to your router and modem
  • Wait at least 60 seconds
  • Plugin every cord again
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This simple process will reset your WiFi and it most probably will fix internet connection issues Laptop. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem then you will have to contact your ISP.

5. Download the Wireless LAN Driver

Another reason your laptop can’t connect to the network it could be because of an outdated driver. All you have to do is to install a Wireless LAN driver to your laptop. 

  • Open your Web Browser
  • Search for the manufacturer website for your Laptop
  • Hit enter
  • Look for the support section
  • In the support section, Go to Drivers and Manuals
  • Find your Laptop’s build number from the list of drivers
  • Look for the Wireless Driver for your Laptop model
  • Click Download 
  • Install it once the download is complete

Step 3: Network Conflict

Your Network could be in conflict with other devices at your home, Most of the modern devices. Devices like Smart TV, Refrigerator, and Microwave operate on 2.4GHz frequency band! These frequencies can clog up your network which may cause your network to slow down or to stop it from connecting to other devices. To learn how to troubleshoot laptop without WiFi connection is by simply get a wireless router that can operate on all both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band. 

You will get an additional button on your router that will allow you to switch between 2.4GHz and 5 GHz frequency button! As there are fewer devices available on this band you may even experience a hike in your internet speed.

Final Take: Internet Connection Issues Laptop

It sucks when you need internet connectivity and your WiFi is not connecting to Laptop. The simplest way to get your speed back is by conducting a troubleshooting test! If that doesn’t help you then follow the additional steps on how to solve internet connection problem in laptop. Most problems can be solved from your end itself, if you can’t resolve these problems by trying all the factors then you should contact your internet service provider as they’ll help you with any trouble that’s caused by your hardware. We hope you learned something from our guide on how to solve internet connection problem in laptop.

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