Is Your Internet Provider Good Enough For You?

Good Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Provider or ISP is someone that provides you with the most essential service for our generation! “internet”. At any given time there are almost 2,000 Internet service providers available in USA. Chances are that you are also using an internet service, But are your content with your internet service provider? Is he good enough for your needs? How do you find out which is the best internet service provider for you?

How to Find the Best Internet Service Provider?

There are few factors to keep in mind while you look for a new internet provider. Main factors include:

  • Bandwidth
  • Connection available
  • Download & Upload Speeds
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Data Limit
  • Contractual Obligations

Bandwidth: Bandwidth or normally known as internet speed, is basically the speed in which the data is sent from one point to another. Usually Bandwidth is calculated with Bits per seconds or Mega Bytes per second (MBPS). Higher bandwidth means higher internet speed.

Connection Available: The second factor that comes into play is the type of internet connection that is available to you. Internet plans, Pricing and connectivity differs with your location. If you are living in a huge city like New York or Los Angeles then you will have all kinds of internet connection available to you. The situation is not same for smaller cities.

Download & Upload Speeds: All the major internet service providers will try to steal you away by showing you internet speeds they won’t provide. A fair 25Mbps connection will be perfect for all your needs. Make sure the connection is seamless and doesn’t breaks every time you start using it. Upload speeds matter only when you are playing online interactive games. Or uploading large files. 5 Mbps of quality upload speed will be just fine!

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Customer Satisfaction: This is the most important factor while choosing. Response time and problem solving time matters the most in customer service. Talk to your neighbors or friends and find out how satisfied they are with their Internet Service providers. You can also check particular ISPs customer satisfaction score online.

Data Limit: Most of the internet providers have data limits. Know what your data limit is and what will you have to pay once you exhaust the said limit. Usually the charges after exhausting your data are outrageous. So figure out your needs of internet and then choose a plan with enough data to last whole month.

Contractual Obligations: All of the Internet Service providers will ask you to sign a contract for minimum two years out of which the first year will be a promotional period. If you don’t want to be stuck with the same provider for two years then you’d prefer providers who don’t ask you to sign a contract. If you are willing to sign a contract then you’d want to read it carefully as you wouldn’t want to meet unexpected charges after the promotional period ends.

Internet Service Provider in Your Area!

The Best option is that you talk to a neighbor or a friend living in your area and ask all the questions you have regarding an internet provider. If everything meets your expectations then sign up as quickly as you can. Or you can visit ClubHDTV where you can find all the best internet service providers in your area without any hassle! Just keep the pointers in mind and you are good to go!

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  1. Having a wireless connection to the internet is what I’ll need since I’m planning to turn my house into a smart one with all the devices that I have. I think I’ll need to hire a service to put one in the house that I can use for many appliances. Thanks for telling me that I’ll typically only need about 5mb upload speed, so I’ll be sure to settle for that kind of speed plan type.

    1. Glad to know that we could help you out. If you need any more help with your internet connection setup, then you can contact one of our experts and they can suggest you the best internet plan to choose for your smart home. Call us @ 1(855) 320-9419

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