The Hidden Cost Of AT&T Internet & TV

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Its great to have an internet connection that lets you stream anything, anytime without buffering. Although its not as great to pay additional charges for the same services.

Since years AT&T has been touching our lives in one way or another. AT&T has been providing extraordinary services to all the USA. Behind all the great services there are a lot of hidden costs of AT&T.

What are Hidden Charges OF AT&T Internet?

All the internet service providers offer you promotional plans under low prices. In the excitement of getting the offers at such low price we often forget to read the contract. Always Keep one thing in mind, before signing with any service provider, read the contract thoroughly. The hidden costs are the cost you have to pay once the promotional period ends. AT&T’s contract lasts only one year, so you are free to move onto another provider if the higher costs doesn’t suits you!

AT&T Internet Plans And Hidden Costs

Speeds for AT&T internet plan vary widely by location. All the prices ranging from 10 – 100 Mbps plan are $50 flat. That price is however without any taxes or surcharges. Once the promotional period ends you’ll be forced to pay an increment of 30% in your internet plan. Let’s say you have an internet and TV bundle plan for $40/mo. Then after the charges you’ll have to pay $65/mo.

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Don’t like that do you? Well we don’t either and that’s why we are here telling you about the hidden costs of AT&T internet:

  • Monthly rentals
  • Surcharges (Watching U-verse TV in HD under Standard quality package)
  • Unlimited Data charge
  • Installation charges

Monthly Rentals: Most of the internet providers ask you to pay a monthly rentals of the equipment you use! AT&T Internet providers usually ask you to pay for the routers and modems only. But there may be some other rentals included based on the Internet service provider you have

Surcharges: Surcharges are basically charges you aren’t aware of. Let’s say you have a standard quality subscription of U-Verse TV and you start watching it in HD then you’ll have to pay additional charges on your next bill.

Unlimited Data Charge: Sorry to burst your bubble but AT&T does not offer unlimited data on stand alone packages. If you go over the set limit you’ll have to pay $30 extra in your next bill. You can choose a package that offers extra data but you shouldn’t. AT&T offers you 1 TB data upfront, which is more than you’ll use, so why bother paying extra?

Installation Charges: Your basic U-Verse basic package comes along with a installation fee of $199.99. That installation fees is what makes U-Verse Basic costlier than U-Verse family. All the AT&T Internet Bundle Plan also come with a hefty installation charge! So you can’t get away with that charge!  

Why Choose At&t With Hidden Costs?

Well basically because AT&T makes up for these charges with amazing deals and discounts it shower its customers with. To save yourself from the horrible additional costs, you should upgrade to better plan. AT&T has no charges for its bundle packages. Also if you are looking to avail the benefits of AT&T latest deals then you should head over to ClubHDTV there you can get amazing internet and TV bundle plans.

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