Why HDTV Antenna Is Better Than Streaming Services?

hdtv anteena

You can and will find a lot of local channels offered by TV streaming Services. This deal may sound awesome, but you may wanna stop and read before making a purchase!

Almost all American households watch local channels absolutely free of cost. I believe this is one of the biggest reason to get an HDTV antenna for your TV. The cord-cutting trend is rising as most of the TV viewing population comprises youngsters. Still nothing beats the feeling of kicking back on a sofa and watching TV.

Why should you get an HDTV Antenna?

1. Broadcast Channels

Whenever you get a streaming service, you get selected broadcast channels like Fox or ABC. With antennas, you get much more channels. Many sub-channels 0ffer a lot more content that’s not even available on streaming services. Not too bad for an HDTV with antenna.

2. Brilliant HD Quality.

Streaming is great and all, but the quality that of an HDTV antenna will surprise you. Regardless of popular opinion, an HDTV antenna TV has great quality. You can call it HD. The only trick is how to place the antenna. Cable TV streaming service’s quality can deteriorate over time, and the quality you get is not exactly HD. They may trick you all this time and after a little of research you can find out for yourself that the quality isn’t exactly HD.

3. Massive Blackouts

It must have happened with you at least once if you use a streaming service. You may have opened the app and found out your favourite game has been blacked out. It happens when the streaming service has no rights to stream the content you wanna watch, However, there is no such obligation with an HDTV antenna.

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4. No Monthly Fees

The most enticing factor about the HDTV antenna is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee, for that matter no fees at all. The only cost involved is the purchase and installation cost of the antenna. Basically, you can watch unlimited content, without interruption, for no cost at all! How great is that? Sure you get ads with cable TV but at least you are watching the content for free.

HDTV or Streaming Service? Final Showdown

In this TV streaming service comparison with the HDTV Antenna, one service weighs in above the other. Based on the benefits and cons of both the services, we say that the HDTV antenna is a much better choice for TV viewing needs. Though if you are still looking for a brilliant cable TV streaming service package, then you can head over to ClubHDTV and get custom made plans for yourself.

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