Is Faster & Better Quality Of Internet Consuming More Data?

Faster Internet speed consuming more data?

All of our lives revolve around the Internet. If you are one of those people who consume the Internet without a care in the world. Let’s assume you are on a broadband plan, and you spend most of your days streaming videos and playing online games. One day the bills come and you have to pay extra bucks just because you went over your data limit. You think to yourself is faster & better quality of internet speed consuming more data? Most of us who use the Internet aren’t aware of data consumption and the reasons behind it.

The answer to your question is both yes and no! Faster and better quality of the internet can be a reason for more data consumption.

Fast Internet vs. Slow Internet Speed

Most of the internet service providers will tell you to purchase a higher speed internet plan. The plan is obviously costlier, but they’ll trick you in believing that your Internet experience will be smoother with a faster Internet connection. The truth is that a faster connection will only result in exhausting your monthly data much faster.

You don’t really need a faster internet connection if your current connection is allowing you to stream, surf & play smoothly. The problem with a faster internet connection is that it’ll buffer through a whole YouTube Video, Netflix Video, or any video. Now that your internet has buffered through the whole video, it doesn’t matter if you watch the whole video or not. These small things will consume more data compared to slow or medium speed network connections.

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A faster internet connection won’t change the way you stream. If your streaming app or service is slow, your video will buffer no matter how fast your connection is. Yes, the downloading time surely decreases with a fast Internet connection that just means you can download more things at the same time.

Average Consumption of Data

Faster internet allows you to stream video and audio content faster. But you still must wait for the video to buffer. If your streaming platform is slow, then even the fastest internet connection won’t make a difference. Well, fast internet isn’t the only thing that causes more internet consumption. To save yourself from paying more on your Internet bill, you should know more about average internet consumption for your every activity. 

Medium Quality Streaming1.5 GB per hour
HD Quality Streaming3 GB per hour
Ultra HD streaming7-8 GB per hour
Online Gaming2 GB per hour
Social media2-3 GB per day

The above table depicts the data consumption on daily activities. Let’s say your 100 Mbps connection allows you to stream content at HD or Ultra HD quality, then there’s no need of spending more money and getting a 1000 Mbps connection. If you have an unlimited data plan, then you can stream whatever you wish to whatever quality. If not, then you should adjust the quality of streaming on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime & YouTube.

What Happens When You Go Over the Data Limit?

When you go over your data limit, two things can happen. Either your internet service provider will reduce your speed. Or, you’ll be charged for every GB of data you consume after going over the limit.

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Faster Internet connections result in consuming more data. Better data quality and faster internet plans usually come with an unlimited data cap. Chose carefully, only spend your money if you need the Internet.

Conclusion: Faster Internet Speed Not Suitable

The question of whether faster internet is better for you can be answered in two ways. If you are not happy with your current internet speed, then you should choose a high-speed internet plan. Beware, high-speed internet plans consume more data. So, if you are content with your internet plan, then there’s no need for burning a hole in your pocket. 

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  1. That’s good to know that streaming HD video will use up data pretty quickly. I feel like that would be a good way to sue up your limit pretty quickly if you aren’t careful if I decide to switch my internet provider, I’ll have to make sure that I get one with no limits on usage so I don’t have to worry about that.

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