Disney Plus: A Whole New World of Streaming Service

Disney+ Streaming Services

Remember Frozen 2?

Silly We! How can you forget that?

The animation giant, ‘Disney,’ has launched “Disney Plus” the future of streaming services world. Disney plus has officially launched on November 12; in U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands.

Disney Plus Cost! In Comparison To Other Streaming Giants!:

The monthly cost is $7 and $70 for a full year (prepay). This is half the cost of HBO Now and HBO Max. 

And, if we compared Disney Plus with the popular Netflix? It’s kind of ready to turn away with its pricing; Netflix is $9 a month.

Disney has partnered with Verizon to offer 12 months free of cost. 

Yes, Disney Plus Is cheaper than any other existing streaming giants! Yeah! From where do you learn magic? 

Wanna Know What’s Inside The Disney+ Magical Box?

It’s like watching Disney’s animation movie. You will find everything that you ever imagined along with an entirely new world that’s you can’t even think can exist. 

internet offers

Disney Plus called the future of Disney, is coming up with streaming service for almost everything it’s ever created or bought.

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Yes! Exactly this is what’s happening all your favourite shows! Movies!

Ready to slam to the doors! Nearly 10 Million Subscribers In A Month!

Disney Plus seems like taking on Netflix and rising competitors like Apple TV Plus and HBO Max.

According to the Disney: Disney Plus launch was a big hit for sign-ups. In just more a little spam of time, a day and a half, Disney Plus registered more than 10 million subscribers. Where on the other side, HBO Now took nearly three years to reach about 5 million subscribers.

But as per the Google search, “Cancel Disney+” was on the hike as soon they launched their services and they remain spike in comparison to “cancel Netflix.”

Also, a lot of sign-ups were seven-days free trials or a free year promotion available by Verizon. 

All those days watching from the windows, HAS GONE! Now, we have new streaming giants to show us the entirely new world of entertainment.

What Disney Plus has added to be the exclusive home to stream theatrical blockbuster of all time; releases in 2019 and beyond are:

  • Disney Plus has original shows and films to watch from both Disney and Fox. Other franchises and studios like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney’s studio, and National Geographic are also included. 
  • Disney is ramping the list of original shows and moves based on other brands. And, the big-budget Star War show-The Mandalorian- viral star Baby Yoda has already become a hit.
  • Unlike Netflix, Disney Plus will not release episodes of its original series all at once like; new episodes will come out weekly. 
  • Everything on Disney Plus is rated PG-13 or softer — anything rated R that Disney has available to stream (like Deadpool) will be on Hulu. 
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And, Here Are The Spells To Fall For Disney+ Streaming Services!

Original shows (Day-1)

  • The Mandalorian
  • Forky Asks a Question
  • SparkShorts
  • Pixar IRL  
  • Marvel’s Hero Project 
  • High School Musical: The Musical
  • The Imagineering Story 
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum 

Original movies

  • Lady & The Tramp 
  • Noelle 

In the first year itself, Disney Plus will provide 25 original episodic series and more than 10 original movies, documentaries and specials.

Wanna make the Disney Plus spell come true?

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Nobody wants to miss Baby Yoda’s cute expression because of buffering!

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