Searching for New TV Service Providers? Here are alternative Cable TV options to Cox

alternative cable tv options

Finding the right TV service providers can be tough. The relationship between consumer and TV service providers has always been tough! While you may enjoy all the HD programming and channels, some cable TV companies in USA can literally test your patience. If you are tired of finding good TV service providers, then you at the right place. We have listed the best alternative cable TV options to Cox Cable TV.

Unannounced bill increase, Missed installation appointments, and worst customer service may force you to choose the right cable providers in my area. Here are all the Alternative Cable TV providers to Cox cable service. The best thing is that switching your providers may seem better than you think. If you are a current Cox Cable TV consumer looking for alternative cable TV options then we got you! Read below to find out.

Alternative Cable TV Options to Cox

Frustrated with bills and worst consumer service? These reasons are enough to look for Cable TV companies in USA. There are a lot of Cable TV service providers who can fulfill your needs, but if you are a Cox cable user then we have made this list specifically for you! Keeping in mind all the shortcomings of Cox cable. Here’s our list of Alternative Cable TV options.

1. Xfinity 

Xfinity is one of the largest cable TV companies in USA. Xfinity as a cable provider in my area is a good thing! Xfinity is also the third-largest telephone service provider in the nation. You can get plenty of bundle packages to fit your needs. 

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Xfinity offers the best DVR system out of all the providers and it is one of the greatest things that put Xfinity above all other providers. Although Cox offers more channels than Xfinity.

Flexible ContractLesser channel count than Cox
Premium Bundle PackagesSome premium channels are missing
Whole sports channel coverage 
No contract options available

2. Spectrum Cable TV

Spectrum is one of the best Cable TV service providers and it is available in most areas of the USA. So if you’d go around searching Cable TV providers in my area, you’d definitely find Spectrum on the list. Spectrum Cable came into existence when charter communication merges with Time Warner Cable & Bright House Networks. 

Spectrum and Cox cable are both pretty similar in many ways, Spectrum offers fewer channels than Cox. The price range is the same but if you are tired of your current TV service providers then you can change the providers in just for the satisfaction of a better service.

Over 200 ChannelsLower than average Customer rating
Affordable Bundle packagesLack of availability in Southern USA
Brilliant on-demand service

3. Mediacom

Mediacom is a very small Cable TV and Internet provider, in recent years Mediacom has been increasing exponentially! Mediacom serves mostly Southern and Midwestern United States. So if you live in these areas and you search cable providers in my area, you will find Mediacom almost everywhere. Mediacom offers a maximum of 225+ channels and an internet speed as fast as 1 gig!

Mediacom offers fewer channels but makes up for it with a significantly better DVR service. They offer the TiVo as their DVR service and it is great as it offers better features than most DVR services and it works with almost all cable TV service providers.

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Better DVR than Cox CableLower channel count
Bundle Deals starting @ just $80Price increase after one year
 Limited availability

4. Frontier Communications

Frontier communication was originally created to serve in rural areas. The company is small but it is gradually growing over time. It is one of the best alternative cable TV options for Cox cable. Frontier is a fiber optic service and that’s why consumers who choose Frontier get the benefit of fiber internet and better picture quality.

Best Premium channel lineupSlow internet speed in DSL areas
Thousand of On-Demand Options 
Access to all Regional sporting events

5. AT&T TV

AT&T U-Verse is a Fiber TV service from AT&T. There are great bundle service options to go on with if you choose AT&T as your TV service provider. AT&T TV offers up to 125+ channels and six different packages. The price is pretty affordable, and if you search for the best cable providers in my area, you are surely like to come across AT&T TV. AT&T’s packages offer better flexibility among plans and faster speeds and many reliable services. It is one of the best alternative cable providers.

Better Fiber PlansAdditional Fees on all plans
More Affordable TV packagesBelow average customer satisfaction rating
Flexible plans

Finding the Best Alternative Cable TV Options

With so many cable TV companies in USA, it is hard to find the right Alternative Cable TV options for Cox cable. You have to weigh in the pros and cons to find the best cable providers near me! Go through our list and look out for all the pros and cons to find the best TV service for yourself.

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