All You Need to Know About Bundle Packages -Pros & Cons

Bundle Packages

All those who use home services like TV services or internet services are no stranger to bundle packages! Bundle packages are deals where you get two or more services for one low monthly price. The deal seems unreal right? But its very much true! Almost all of the services provider offer you bundle packages whenever you opt for a singular service. There’s no doubt about the fact that bundle packages save you money!

What is Bundling

Bundling refers to joining two or more service together! You can get TV With your internet plan at a discounted price or you can get even more than one service! You can only take advantage of bundle plan with just one provider, You can’t bundle services with two different providers (But you already knew that didn’t you?) There are multiple types of bundles, Like dual bundle (Two Services), Triple bundle (Three services) There are even providers who’ll offer quad bundles.

Why choose Bundle Pricing?

What’s the need for Bundle Plans you ask? First things first, it saves you money, like a lot of money. Let’s take an example for better understanding, You may get an internet plan starting at $50 a month but you can get 2 services at $55 a month. Which one’s better? Choose for Yourself.  

Providers save money whenever you choose bundle services as they get to keep you as their loyal customers.

According to a recent survey by a telecom giant we came to know that an average American house saves up to $50 /month with bundle packages.

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Pros & Cons of Bundle Plans

There are always pros & cons to every good thing. Here are a few of Bundling.

  • One Bill

You’ll get a single bill every month which is very convenient and hassle free. Plus you’ll have full knowledge of why you are paying whatever you are paying.

  • More Benefits, Less Money

With bundle plans, you get more benefits under lower prices. Bundle deals usually offer you faster Internet speed and more channels. What’s better than extra stuff?

Some cons of Bundling are:

  • Contract Restrictions:

Service providers give you more stuff with low prices but then they bound you with contracts is you don’t run away whenever you get better services. Canceling your plan will result you in paying heavy fees.

  • Price Hike

This is one problem that comes along with all the bundle plans and providers. You’ll get bundle deals under promotional prices. Once the promotional period runs out you’ll face an unexpected price hike!

Bundle Plans: Who Should Get Them?

Finding the right bundle plan for your needs is the most difficult thing. But Let me tell you that bundle plans aren’t for everyone. If you are someone who spends almost all of his day streaming and playing games then you would prefer getting a bundle deal. On the other hand, if you are a light user, who uses any home service rarely then it’s not suitable for you to get a bundle deal! Although if you are tired of your current provider, then you can find great bundle plans at Club HDTV.

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