Best Xfinity- Compatible Modems for Seamless Internet

Xfinity Internet

Tired of paying monthly rentals for the modem? It’s time you buy a brand new modem for seamless internet in 2020. Consider purchasing a brand new modem for your Internet connection. These modems work fine with any of the Internet connection, but if you are Xfinity user, then these are the best choice for you!

You can either go and visit the Xfinity official website and get a detailed list of which modem to use for which connection. It will take a few hours. The benefit is that you’ll have a PHD in Xfinity internet modems. If you don’t want to spend hours researching on Xfinity modems, then you should read ahead. We have listed down a few of the best modems for Xfinity Internet.

Best Modems for Xfinity Internet

  • NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS – Compatible with most plan
  • NETGEAR C7000 – 1AZNAS- Best for Extreme PRO plan
  • NETGEAR CM1000 – compatible with gigabit plan
  • ARRIS SVG 2482AC-  Best for bundle deals.

All these modems are different. They are best suited for different plans! As for the specifications of these modems, let’s break it down below!


NETGEAR is a famous brand for modems. This NETGEAR modem is one of the best sellers. The reason is that it is fast, reliable & super easy to install. If you are not looking forward to spending a lot of dollars, then this model is just perfect for you.

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The specifications of this modem are as follows:
  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max internet speed: 250 Mbps
  • Chanel bonding: 16 x 8
  • Price: $61.15

If you have an internet connection of fewer than 250 Mbps, then this mode will be perfect for your household.


Another NETGEAR model, that’s because NETGEAR is a beast in making modems. This one is more compatible with your Xfinity Internet connection. This one is so much better than the previous one in terms of speed, reliability and handling. If you are a huge streaming fan, then you’ll understand the quality if this modem. You’d be able to stream 4k video with complete ease.

The specifications of this modem are as follows:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max internet speed: 500 Mbps
  • Channel bonding: 32 x 8
  • Price: $96.99


Yes, another NETGEAR model. You can’t complain when you get quality at such great prices. NETGEAR gives you the surety that your internet won’t break while you are streaming at 1000Mbps. This specific model is a beast on its own. It can hold itself well while supporting a 1000Mbps connection. This is the only modem that uses DOCSIS 3.1 technology! Get this one now to save money in the future.

The specifications of this modem are as follows:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.1
  • Max internet speed: 1000 Mbps
  • Channel bonding: 32 x 8
  • Price: $164.99


This is the only model in the list suitable for bundle plans. If you have a voice plan included with your Xfinity Internet connection. Then pick this modem. This one has built-in modem, router & telephony. It may seem costly at one look but just imagine how much will you save in the long run?

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The specifications of this modem are as follows:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max internet speed: 600 Mbps
  • Channel bonding: 24 x 8
  • Wi-Fi Performance- AC1750
  • Price: $162.99

Final Words

While you will find a lot of Xfinity supported modems out there but these four stand out. The reason is their quality. You can probably get modems at half the price, but sometimes it’s better to choose quality over money! Also, if you are looking for other Xfinity internet plans you may check our home page for more options. Over there you can find the best options likes best Xfinity Internet plans based on your location. Why deal with countless providers when you can find them all at one place?

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