Which are the Best Unlimited Internet plans of 2020?

best unlimited internet plans

The best unlimited internet plans should mean unlimited texting, calling and data benefits. Few Telecom giants tried following the trend of providing best unlimited phone plans” but their definition of unlimited seemed to be clashing with the consumers. Internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint think that offering internet at reduced speed is considered “unlimited internet plans”. The ultimate goal is to get the best unlimited internet deals that don’t reduce your speed down to 2G once you consume the data available. 

So the main question still prevails, which are the best unlimited internet plans 2020? You don’t have to sit through hours of research. We’ve found the best internet plan for your phone so that you don’t have to struggle with the pain of slow internet again. We’ve picked the best unlimited internet phone plans that won’t reduce your 4G LTE speeds after a certain limit. Let’s just say that our definition of unlimited matches with yours perfectly.

Best Value Unlimited Internet Data Plans

1. Metro By T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

Metro offers the best value unlimited internet plan. For mobile users that wish to pay as little as possible while getting the best benefits. Metro is the right choice as it offers the Best cheap Internet deals in the market. 

Metro runs through T-Mobile’s Powerful network. The unlimited data plan for the phone costs $50 inclusive of taxes and additional fees. Users can stream DVD quality videos and use as much data as they wish to consume. Metro also offers an unlimited calling benefit with the plan. So this plan is basically like a holy grail for all the internet and calling lovers. Users who go over 35 GB data in a month may experience a little speed reduction during peak hours but still, there are no hard data limits. 

  • Price: $50/mo.
  • No hidden charges
  • DVD quality Video Streaming
  • No hard data limits
  • Unlimited calling and texting included
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2. Visible Unlimited Data Plan

Visible is one another provider for the best cheap internet deals. It is the best alternative to Metro’s unlimited data plans. Visible offers one of the best unlimited internet phone plans. With Visible’s plan, you get unlimited texting, calling and data on Verizon’s network. The price is great for those who are looking forward to saving money. You just have to $ 40 for the plan including all the taxes and fees. So, you can rest assured that your internet bills will be clean and uniform. 

Visible has no visible data cap but the Network service provider does keep a cap at speed at all times. Users can use the max speed of up to 5Mbps. Visible doesn’t throttle your data at any activity, which means you can stream as many videos as you like and you can plan unlimited online games. One of the best Unlimited internet plan for a reason!

  • Price: $50/mo.
  • Low price for unlimited internet
  • Max Internet speed of 5 Mbps
  • No hard data limit
  • No speed reduction after a limit.
3. T-Mobile Magenta Plan

Most people would suggest you not to get the T-Mobile Magenta plan as it is too costly when compared with other unlimited internet plans. The Magenta plan costs you $70 including taxes. 

First off, Magenta has the best Soft data limit out of the data carriers on our list. T-Mobile won’t reduce your internet speed during peak hours until after you’ve consumed more than 50Gb data per month. Plus you can stream unlimited DVD quality videos. There are additional perks as well. Customers can use their phones while traveling in Canada & Mexico and unlimited talk benefits can get additional 5GB data. With T-Mobile, you also get a free Netflix subscription so that’s definitely a plus in this best internet plan. 

  • Price: $70/mo.
  • No speed throttling after 50GB
  • Unlimited Video Streaming
  • Additional 5Gb data
  • Free Netflix Subscription
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4. Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan

Sprint is one of the biggest network carriers. It discontinued it’s best unlimited internet deals for the phone. It also came up with another best unlimited internet data plan. The basic unlimited internet plan costs you $60 but this plan comes with taxes and additional fees. 

Earlier you could use 10GB of Hotspot data but now Sprint has reduced that to just 500MB. It also only allows 480P video streaming, earlier it used to offer unlimited HD video. One thing that has been increased in the plan is the data allotment. Now users can use 50 GB 4G LTE data. Once they are over the limit, Sprint may start de-prioritizing the speed. 

Just like T-Mobile, Sprint also offers a subscription to one huge streaming service giant. Users can enjoy the premium services of Hulu with Sprint’s best unlimited internet plans.

  • Price: $60/mo.
  • Unlimited HD video streaming
  • No hard data limits
  • Free Hulu Subscription
5. Verizon’s Start Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon’s Unlimited data plan is a little more expensive than other plans in our list. The plan costs you $70 and it doesn’t include taxes and fees. But with that plan comes uncapped data, unlimited calling & Texting under a 4G service that ranks higher than any of its competitors. 

Verizon starts an unlimited plan that offers DVD quality unlimited video streaming but no mobile Hotspot data. Customers can take advantage of the same services in Canada and Mexico. This is truly an unlimited plan as there is no speed capping or Data capping available. Users may experience a little speed reduction during the network congestion period but that is natural with any service provider. 

  • Price: $70/mo.
  • Uncapped data, Unlimited calling & Texting
  • DVD Quality Video Streaming
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Say Goodbye to Hard Data Limits!

With our list of best Best Unlimited Internet Plans, you can go through this year without worrying about hitting the shelf and suffering with reduced speeds. You can stream unlimited videos and download as much content as you want. Isn’t that truly Unlimited internet? So choose whatever plan that suits you!

Also, let us know in the comment box if we’ve missed out on any best unlimited internet phone plans. 

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