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best tv package for sports

Sports is something that connects all of us. Wherever we are we all cherish the moment our favorite teams win. Cable TV providers, allow users to watch their favorite sports over multiple sports networks. Cable providers have created a partnership with a professional sports network just for the audience who watches the games to offer the best TV package for sports. For those, who can’t get enough f their favorite sports we have compiled a list of best sports and best sports packages you can get with cable TV packages. Here’s a breakdown of all the best options cable providers can offer for most cable popular sports.


Football is one of the most viewed sports worldwide and if you are a diehard fan of professional football. The best package we can offer you is the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket, which is now included for free with a one-year DIRECTV subscription.

With NFL Sunday ticket, you will never miss a football game ever again. Don’t miss even a second of all football action. You can switch to the red zone channel to see what teams are in scoring position. After your free yearly subscription ends, the prices for DIRECTV football package cost are as following: 

  • NFL Sunday Ticket for one season: $269.94
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max for one full season: $359.94

Basketball is one of the most loved sports in the USA. There are a lot of ways you can watch Basketball but the best way is to get an NBA league pass. Any Cable TV provider can offer you the NBA league pass. The NBA league Pass offers you full access to the preseason games and the season games. 

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You can watch all the sports with you wherever you go! You can watch live games on your Smartphone or tablet, that way you won’t ever watch a game. There are options to get all the games or just watch your favorite team.

  • Get full access to your favorite team with the full NBA league pass for $120 per season
  • Watch every single NBA game with the full season NBA league pass for $199.99 for the season

Hockey attracts a lot of crowds in the USA. While there’s nothing like going to a hockey game and enjoying it live if you can’t afford to go to every single game. You can get NFL ice coverage as NFL offers live TV coverage for all the services. You can purchase the NFL TV package for just $159 per season through your cable provider. If you do not have cable, you can still sports hockey live streaming under the same price on your tablet and laptop.

If you want you can also pay to just see your team play for the season! The single team option for $105 for the season.


If you are a true football fan, you know it is frustrating when the team you love goes back to its home state. Baseball is a regional game and you can get it on all the regional channels if you are not in the state where your team is then you can’t see them playing. 

With MLB Extra Innings, you can watch all the Baseball games across all the states. If there are even two matches at different locations, you can watch them with a split-screen mode. You can watch up to 8 games at the same time. 

  • MLB Extra Innings is $28.99/month for a total of $173.94 for a full season.
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College Sports

A lot of people love College sports and there are a lot of ways you can watch college sports. DIRECTV’s ESPN sports pack is best for people who are looking to stream live college sports. For just $13.99 per month, you can get an additional 35 sports channels that carry all the college sports. 

  • ESPN Buzzer Beater: Men and Women’s NCAA basketball coverage
  • ESPN Goal Line: Football coverage for every state
  • ESPN Bases Loaded: NCAA Baseball Championship coverage
  • ESPN College Extra: Watch up to 8 out of market college football and basketball games.

Upgrade your current DIRECTV package to watch all your favorite College sports channel or you can get DIRECTV college football package if you are only a college football lover.

Final Take: Best Sports Packages

Choosing the best sports package can be tough and not everyone can afford to go to a live game of their favorite sport. The better option is to watch the live games at the comfort of your home! Our list above allows you to find the best TV packages for sports. Whether you love Baseball, Basketball, Football, or any other sport, with our packages you can easily find the packages you need.

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