How to Optimize your Router Settings for Speed

optimize router settings for speed

As long as your internet is running fine and smooth, you don’t really care about how to optimize your router settings for speed. Instead of the speed, you are getting today, you have multiple choices by which you can make your router speed. The little piece of equipment can make or break your internet speed. A router translates your internet signals so that your devices can connect to the internet. Today we will suggest you the best router setting for fast internet. Your router connects to a telephone line or a modem to allows you to connect to an internet connection. Read more to learn which router settings you should change for the fastest internet connectivity.

Reboot and Restart Regularly

The first step on how to take care of WiFi router is to reboot and restart your router often. A router is also a machine that slows down significantly! Before you start complaining about the hardware for slow internet speed, we suggest you fix a time to reboot and restart your router regularly! It often flushes any DSN cache, allowing it to resync the router to its settings.

Place Your Router in an Ideal Position

Most people don’t know about it, but the way you place your router is very important. It determines the speed you get on your Devices. If you are wondering what Router settings should you change in order to get the ideal internet speed. Your router should be placed in a central location of your home so that windows and walls don’t cause any kind of interference between you and your devices.

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Optimize router settings for speed and place it in a higher location, so that nothing comes in the way. If you live in a multistory house, try to use a power line adapter, to strengthen your signal on all levels.

Move The Antennas

Most routers have 2 antennas sticking out of it. If you aren’t getting the speed you are paying for then you have to move the antennas. They can improve your performance of your internet speed. The best router settings for fast internet is you place the antennas for perpendicular. One facing vertical and one is placed horizontally.

Change the Frequency Band

If you live in a huge apartment building, then chances are you have too much WiFi usage. You are supposed to change the frequency band to get the optimal internet speed. While most routers choose channels automatically, but some routers come with an inbuilt feature that allows you to switch your router to another frequency band. If you stay on the same channel as all the WiFi networks in your building during the peak hour then you will experience incredibly slow speeds. 

If you are curious about how to take care of the WiFi router, then there are programs that you can use to find the least interference.

Use an Ethernet Cord

A WiFi connection often delivers slower speed than a wired internet connection. If your WiFi connection keeps on breaking off, then we suggest you get a wired internet connection. To optimize router settings for best speed, we suggest you get an Ethernet cord, plug one end into the router, and the other end on to your laptop or desktop. As long as you have the right drivers installed in your laptop and desktop to use the Ethernet connection.

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Upgrade your Firmware

A router from old times, won’t be able to handle the speed you are currently getting. If you have a router that’s built to handle only 50 MBPS speed, then you can’t expect from that router to deliver 200 MBS speed. This step is not about what router settings should you change, but what should you do with your old router. Almost all the internet service providers offer you a list of routers that complement their internet speed. 

Instead of trying shortcuts to get better speeds, You have to upgrade your WiFi router if you wish to get most out of your Wireless router and internet connection. Before investing in a new router, you should check out the specification and the internet speed it can handle.

Run a Speed Test

Once you are through all the steps on what router settings should you change. You will definitely see a boost in your internet speed, compare your current internet speed with your old internet speed. If you know the speed you are paying for, then you will understand the business. Conduct a speed test online, there are a lot of options available that you can try. If the old result is different from the new result then the best router settings for fast internet worked for you!

Conclusion: Optimize Router Settings For Speed

To keep up with the speed and evolving technology, you need the best internet connection. Follow the steps on how to take care of WiFi router to get the best internet speed.

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