AT&T Launches 5G: What to Expect From the Telecom Giant

ATT 5G Services

AT&T’s plans for 5G seem dicey at first glance, as the company reveals at least four current & Upcoming 5G related services. Right now the 5G game is offering different speed and connection for all internet users. Alongside 5g network AT&T is also promoting LTE-LAA connectivity for speed up to 1Gbps with an upcoming home fixed wireless service!

Complicated Pricing Strategies:

Out of all the things AT&T 5G Pricing is most confusing to people. In comparison to other brands who are all set roll out, their 5g plans have kept their prices quite simple! Although AT&T is providing both long-range and short-range services at once while other brands are only focusing on long-range services. Which means Households all across the US can easily access revolutionary 5G speeds AT&T has to offer.

AT&T 5G Evolution

At&T is looking to up its game and that’s why they have rolled out 5G plans this year while other brands are set to launch it by 2020. Although this 5G rollout is just a stepping stone for a bigger goal, AT&T as of right now is;  launching its 5G services only in New York to test the speeds and compatibility of the devices. AT&T is offering a 400Mbps speed on all the compatible devices. Once the testing phase is complete, AT&T will launch the full plans with much faster speeds and hopefully better plans for the users!

According to the company, this evolution of the 5G network contains upgraded cell towers and new small cell networks provided by LTE Advanced Technology. The company is also using software-defined networking, AI and much more to increase data transmission over the current 4G speeds. AT&T aims to provide the fastest internet possible to all households!

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At&T Plans and Offers!

AT&T has launched various new & exciting deals for its existing and new users. Just so everyone can experience great speed and quality connections, AT&T is offering exciting deals on new connections and upgrades! To see all the deals and compare then head down to and review all the exciting offers yourself! 

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