Are you Paying The Right Amount for Your Internet Speed?

right price for internet

It’s been years since we’ve all allowed the Internet to take over our lives completely. We never even bother to look back to see whether we are getting the internet speed we are promised. We all know how fast our internet plan is, but do we know what is the exact internet speed you are getting at the moment. If you don’t remember the exact internet speed of your plan, then call your local internet service provider. Write the exact download and an upload speed of your plan and then you can use top internet speed test sites to compare your current internet speed with your actual plan.

If you are adamant about knowing the actual internet speed of your plan, then you may want to use multiple internet speed test online as all the internet speed test claim that they are the best internet speed test website. Every test uses different techniques to calculate your current internet speed! So the results may fluctuate between all the top internet speed sites.

Test Your Current Internet Speed

There are literally hundreds of top internet speed test sites that will give a ballpark of your current internet speed. After hours of continuous research, we have decided our top pick for internet data usage tests available online.

1. Fast by Netflix surely does what the name suggests. It is one of the best high-speed internet speed test; It provides you with the best result. As soon as you click on the start button, it will give you an immediate measure of your internet speed in Mbps (megabits per second). If you click on “Show More Info” once it finishes the Internet speed test, it will show you the option to check your upload speed, latency, and ping. Now, most people don’t know about latency or ping so they don’t bother to test it. But if you are a gamer, then you’d definitely want to try it.

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The internet speed you might see in the morning isn’t the same as the strength you might experience in the afternoon or night. Broadband strength usually drops at night when everyone is streaming their favorite shows after work. The best part about is that you can keep it open in an alternate tab and keep on checking your internet speed throughout the day. This way you can also keep a check on your broadband service provider to see if they are throttling your internet speed on purpose.

3. Ookla Speedtest

The Ookla Speedtest measures your download and upload speed one by one. It also measures your ping & latency. Plus Ookla Speedtest is also available on all platforms, Android, iOS & desktops. One thing that makes Ookla Speedtest stand out is that you can create a free account, and it keeps a log of your previous activities. So you can measure all the past internet speed records and compare internet speeds over a specific interval. This way you can know whether you are getting the right internet speed for the price you are paying.

4. Measurement Lab Network Diagnostic Tool

If you are detail-oriented, then this internet speed test is you go to. The design is very basic it provides you information about your download & upload speed but selecting the details tab will open advanced information about packet loss over any network you have. It will also show you all the network errors, plus it will also show you if your slow internet is there because of any hardware-based issue.

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5. SourceForge Internet Speed Test

This is one of the favorite internet speed tests online as it shows you more than just ordinary download and upload speed. It shows how much speed do you need to play an online game or stream your favorite TV show in HD? SourceForge also recommends services you can use and services you should avoid based on your internet connection. It keeps detailed information about ping, jitter, latency & packet loss so it can recommend the best services to use. With this internet data usage test, you can know whether services like Netflix, Skype, or VoIP are worth using in your current Wireless Internet plan.

6. ClubHDTV Internet Test

Most internet service providers throttle your internet speed to save bandwidth. So when you go online in search of top internet speed test sites to check whether you are getting the right speed, you find that nothing is wrong. Internet service providers leave out all the internet speed tests so that you can’t figure out if you are getting an accurate speed or not. No need to worry, ClubHDTV Internet test lets you know whether you are paying extra for your internet plan and what is the internet speed you actually deserve. Interested? Then what are you waiting for? Take the ultimate Internet usage test here!

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