Are you Paying The Right Amount for Your Internet Service?

Every month you have to go through the pain of paying your bills. Electricity, Gas, TV & Internet. We all go about our daily lives without worrying about the bills until the day we are faced with a high bill. That day forces you to calculate if you are paying the right amount for your internet services? Most of the internet service providers ask you way more than your actual bills. If you are one of the few lucky people who are paying exactly what you bargained for, then you are lucky.

How Much Internet Speed Is Necessary?

You wouldn’t want to be paying money for a plan that you don’t need, that’s why deciding your need for internet is necessary. If you are a casual user, then you definitely won’t like to pay the bills for a high-end internet plan. Let’s break down the amount of speed you need based on what you do.

  • Casual browsing: 5Mbps
  • Causal browsing with emails and occasional gaming: 5-10 Mbps
  • Average Streaming, Gaming & Downloading: 15-25Mbps
  • Heavy Streaming, Gaming & Downloading (1+ Devices): 25-40 Mbps
  • Excessive Gaming, Downloading/ Uploading & Streaming (1+ Devices) : 50+ Mbps

If you fit in any of these categories and you feel you are not getting the right speed you deserve, then you can check it on any speed test available online. If you are constantly getting speed lower than you expected, then it’s time you switch your internet service provider.

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How Much Data Do You Need In a Month?

Are you constantly exhausting your data limit? If yes, then would you prefer getting a plan that offers you more data? It will cost more, but you won’t have to pay additional fees every month. If you have leftover data every month, then you should get a plan with a low data limit. Here’s a breakdown of the data you need every month.

  • Casual streaming every day: 2 GB/day
  • Email & Browsing: 3 GB/ Day
  • Social Media: 3GB/ Day
  • SD Video Streaming: 20 GB/Day
  • HD Video Streaming: 45 GB/Day
  • Music Streaming: 6 GB/Day
  • Upload / Download Images: 2 GB/ Day
  • Video Calling: 10 GB/Day
  • Online Gaming: 15 GB/Day

Keep your needs clear in mind. If you fit in any of the above categories, then you know what type of plan you should choose. If you work from home or if your business is home-based, then you may want to consider getting an unlimited data limit plan. As a businessperson, you may end up exhausting your data every month. Why pay more every month as an overage fee when you can just opt for a better plan.


If you are being charged more than you should, then you should register your complaint with the local internet service provider. However, changing the Internet service provider would be a better option. If you are looking for the best internet plans in your area, then you should visit Club HDTV. There you can easily find & Compare Internet service providers in your area.

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