Huge Advantages of Fiber Optic Cable Internet For Business

advantages of fiber optic cable

Why choose fiber internet is a question that persists in everyone who is looking for a super-fast internet connection. Getting a fiber optic connection can provide you with a lot of benefits for your business. The technology that is behind fiber internet connection is new and much better than any other internet connectivity you have used in the past. There are tons of advantages of Fiber optic cable whether you use it for home or for business. Below we have listed Pros and Cons of Fiber Optic internet and all the advantages that come along with fiber internet connectivity.

Unmatched SpeedLimited availability
Symmetrical Download/Upload SpeedsCan be expensive in some areas
No downtime during peak hours 
Speeds up to 2000 MBPS

Top Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet connectivity can be helpful to companies of all sizes as it is the only connection that offers mirrored Download and upload speeds for seamless work operations. Fiber internet combines with VoIP technology is a great combination of business communications. Read this blog till the end to find out about all the advantages answers the question, “Why Choose Fiber Internet”?

Incredible Speed

The most important benefit of Fiber optic internet is the speed it offers. Fiber internet is multiple times faster than the top tier Copper cable internet connection. The speeds for fiber optic internet range from 5 to 2000 MBPS and the best part is that during peak hours you won’t have any trouble with the speed.

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According to several studies, a slow internet connection can cause one employee one week per year’s worth of productivity. All the time your team sits on their desks waiting for the internet to resume its speed can add up to a huge amount of times. Your internet connection should be as fast as your employee’s needs and that’s why choose Fiber internet over any other internet service.

Cloud Access

If you have a CRM tool integrated into your system, then accessing cloud storage is a daily activity. Almost 90% of organizations worldwide are using cloud storage in one way or another. Cloud upload and download activities require huge bandwidth and for huge business operations, Fiber internet is almost perfect.

You can save precious time by choosing Fiber optic internet as it is will cause less delay while accessing the cloud. You can save a lot of time and improve productivity by a lot. As more and more businesses are moving towards cloud services, the use of fiber optic internet is crucial.

Reliable Internet

Another answer to your question “why get Fiber Internet” is the reliability of services. Fiber internet is extremely reliable and offers better connectivity because fiber cables are stronger and better than copper. Fiber internet is not affected by external factors like weather and electrical interference. Unless fiber cable is physically cut off, they will keep on providing the same super quality internet. 

Unreliable internet connections can cause a lot of loss to business as it can mess with project deadlines, work shut down, and much more. If you are wondering why is fiber internet better than this should answer enough for you.

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Network Strength

When it comes to traditional DSL internet or Copper cable internet connection, Signal strength degrades as you move farther from the switch, fortunately, that’ not the case with fiber optic internet. A business that is spread over large areas often faces the problem of signal degradation, another advantage of Fiber optic cable is signal strength remains the same.

If you get fiber internet then it can help employees who sit and work far away from network rooms. Increased signal strength saves time and boosts productivity.

Symmetrical Speeds

In case you don’t know, “Symmetrical Speeds” is a term that is used for equal download and upload speeds. Symmetrical download speeds are rare as you most internet connection offer 10% of download speeds. 

If you are not sure whether you need Symmetric speeds or not then let us tell you why it’s important. Today’s employees are engrossed in all kind of work at the same time, that includes uploading video content, Files, make video calls all the while downloading the data they need to work. If you don’t have symmetrical speeds then your employees will spend more time on one activity.

Reduced Latency

Reduced Latency can be another reason as to why choose fiber internet? Latency is a term used to describe the delays that happen while sending or receiving data over the internet. Fiber internet eliminates the issue of Latency altogether that users face on Cable internet. Latency happens usually while downloading or uploading huge files. One of the pros and cons of Fiber optic internet is reduced latency, let’s see how it is important for your business.

  • Better Voice quality for VoIP users
  • Can easily move more apps to the cloud
  • Download/upload of large files without delay
  • Improved productivity among employees
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Secure Networks

Hackers and Information stealers are always looking for an opportunity to steal your data. The easiest way from them to do that is by tapping into your internet connection. Fortunately, the only way anyone can penetrate fiber internet is by cutting the cables physically which will cause a network shut down. If you wish to add another layer of security to your information then fiber is perfect for you!

According to data, the average cost of repairing a security break-in is $3.8 Million. The worst part is that you may even face legal actions due to a leak of information. Upgrading your internet to a fiber internet connection will add an extra patch of security to your data.

Downfalls of Fiber Optic Internet Service

We already discussed the pros and cons of Fiber optic internet above. Let’s go into details and see what are the drawbacks of the Fiber connection. 

  • Financial Investment in Installation
  • More expensive than copper cable-based internet
  • Limited to certain providers & areas

If you are happy with the advantages of Fiber optic internet then you should get fiber internet. What kind of plan and provider you will find depends totally on the area you live in. Need help finding the perfect fiber internet provider in your area? Contact our team today!

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