Advantages of VPN Service: How & Why to Use VPN

advantages of vpn service

As we discussed in our earlier guide, about VPN Service and the benefits of VPN connection. We suggest you read this blog aware of the security benefits of a VPN. VPN is more popular than ever nowadays and it is widely used by businesses and workers all around the world. Regardless of the fact how famous VPN services actually are, most people don’t even know about the Advantages of VPN service. We have made a list of the best VPN for streaming Live TV and for any other activity you can think of. In case you haven’t read our previous VPN guide, Let’s start with how VPN works?

How Does VPN Works?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to establish a secured network around you! You just have to install a VPN service on your device and you can secure your connection any time you want. When the connection is established, a layer of encryption is added to your network making your connection secured.

4 Advantages of VPN Service

When it comes to Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN connection the list isn’t short. But eventually, you’ll find out that the advantages are bigger than the disadvantages.

1. VPN Hides Your Online Identity

A VPN service hides your IP address and it encrypts your online traffic, if you want to stay off the grid then a VPN service can help you in hiding your identity. If someone is tracking your movement online then using a VPN service is the best choice you can make. Besides keeping you safe from hackers and government tracking your digital footprints, it also helps in keeping you safe from advertisers. In case you don’t already know, Internet service providers are allowed to sell users’ data to third party advertisement agencies. VPN hides your online identity and all the activity you online.

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2. VPNs Help You Go Around Geo-Blocks

If you don’t know what Geo-Block actually is then we are sure you might have experienced a scenario where you couldn’t access a website because it isn’t available in your country. That’s known as Geo-Restriction in action. 

Using a VPN service will allow you to access any website or application you want to. Essentially, the platform you wish to access first sends the connection request which includes your IP address and your location. If you don’t want to spend your time worrying about how to access the sites, then you should use a VPN service. This is one of the greatest advantages of a VPN service.

3. Secure Your Online Connection

Almost everywhere you go you will find an open WiFi connection ready for you to use. Public Wireless connections are not suitable if you are going to share some confidential information over the network. Hackers and spamware are waiting on the public WiFi which can lead them right to sensitive information like:

  • Credit Card Details
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Email Login credentials

If you use a VPN you won’t need to worry about this information going out. One of the security benefits of a VPN is that it adds a layer of encryption to the networks you are using. Basically, if a hacker would try to look at your sensitive information they wouldn’t be able to. 

If you want to access some files and information from a remote location then VPN helps you with that as well. If you wish to check some business-related files on a public WiFi then you should use the best VPN service you can find based on your needs. We do hope this will answer your question “is public WiFi secure with VPN”?

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4. VPN Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

We are sure you’ve heard of Bandwidth throttling. Almost all internet service providers in the USA follow these practices. It’s basically when your ISP puts a limit on your Bandwidth that lowers your internet speed. Usually, ISPs do that to save data and improve their services by getting rid of network congestion.

Well the good news is that VPN encrypts all the traffic and your ISP won’t be able to find out what you are doing online and then they won’t be able to bandwidth throttling. Your providers won’t find out if you are using “too much” of their bandwidth by playing games, stream movies, or download files. If your provider doesn’t know what you are doing online, then they won’t be able to put a limiter on your internet usage.

4 Disadvantages of VPN Connection

There are a lot of VPN services out there and almost all of them come with disadvantages. Here is a list of things that might cause an issue.

1. VPN Can Slow Down Internet Speeds

Depending on various factors with your VPN service, your internet speeds might be slower than the original speed you are paying for. The slowdown may not be noticeable at times, but sometimes it can cause real trouble for you! If your internet usage is often more than heavy then you will notice a difference in your speed. This is one of the biggest disadvantage of VPN connection.

2. Using VPN Can Put Privacy In Danger

VPNs are made to save yourself from online hackers and spamware looking forward to stealing your data. If you don’t do your research well and choose the wrong service then you can put your privacy in danger.

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Usually, this happens when you choose an untrustworthy VPN service. Free VPN providers are most likely to steal your information without you knowing. Also, if you have a VPN service that is paid or free that keeps a log of your internet activity then you are leaving yourself open to getting your information stolen.

Do your research and choose the right VPN provider for your business and personal use. There are a lot of big names out there and you can start with them.

3. VPN Can be Expensive

Best VPN service 2020 can be the best choice for you in every way possible. But keep one thing in mind the top VPN services can be really expensive. If you are a little short on money then you’ll have to do your research based on money. Some of the VPN providers may even end up asking $12-$15 per month.

Although it’s not all bad, there are a lot of VPN service providers out there that will provide you services for really cheap. Find your ideal provider and keep yourself secured.

4. Not All Devices Support VPN

You should know one thing before investing in a VPN service. While almost all the Windows, Android, and macOS devices support VPN services. Some devices may not. Platforms like Linux, Chromebook, and Boxee Box don’t support VPN as they aren’t widely used. Make sure your device supports the best VPN service 2020 before buying.

Final Words

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of VPN connection service so when next time you will use VPN service keep all these things in your mind and take care of your security.

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